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Competency Model Development

Competencies are a clearly defined set of skills, knowledge, behaviours and attributes that employees need to perform their role effectively. They provide consistency, clarity and help managers make more informed decisions on:

  • Recruitment: Ensuring candidates are selected have the required competencies to perform in the role effectively
  • Performance management: Evaluating performance based on competencies makes identifying performance gaps and giving feedback more specific and less personal. It ensures the employees have the capabilities required to perform effectively in the role.
  • Development planning: Investment in development can be targeted to those areas where competencies are in highest demand and lowest supply
  • Succession management: Identifying candidates who have the competencies to fulfil other roles within the business
  • Leadership development: Competencies provide a good base upon which to build leadership programmes that will cultivate the skills and capabilities required of future leaders.

Competency models provide a consistent language with which to talk about the skills, knowledge, behaviours and attributes that the organisation values and beliefs will make it successful.

Dakota Blue Consulting can help you to develop and implement a competency model for your business from development through to implementation.

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