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Executive coaching

Coaching is a powerful and effective development tool for business owners, leaders and managers. The personal benefits are far reaching and include increased business and personal performance, higher job satisfaction and levels of engagement.

Our experienced Executive Coaches facilitate the development of leadership and management capabilities, focussing on delivering action and results.

They support individuals to:

  • Challenge themselves and the business to excel
  • Critically reflect on their own behaviours and develop a strong sense of capabilities
  • Achieve personal and business ambitions 
  • Find methods of managing stress, change, conflict or crisis 
  • Enhance personal impact and performance
  • Identify solutions to specific work-related issues
  • Develop an innovative and creative outlook to business planning, developing new ideas, methods and ways of working.

Coaching is a cost effective personal development tool for business owners, leaders and managers, which is tailored to their individual needs.  We also offer Management and Leadership Development and Team Development

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"Jackie’s experience, professional approach and coaching at all levels has enabled us to prepare ourselves for the growth and development we aspire, for our businesses and importantly our team."