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Measuring Value

How do you know that investment in people management is going to give you a good return? What measures clearly demonstrate the Return On Investment?

HR Functions often fail to gain support and buy-in for critical people programmes due to not being able to show the financial ROI or business benefits. We know …. we are ashamed to say we have been there at some point in our early careers!

But we are happy to say you can benefit from our lessons learnt and get that much needed support you have been looking for.

Although everything cannot be measured to a decimal place (after all, people are what makes your organisation unique) it is possible with a few simple measures to obtain a good insight into whether investments you are making are giving you a good financial return, getting the attention and support of the leadership.

This is where Dakota Blue Consulting can provide advice and guidance. We help you to:

  • Look at the data you have today and what it tells you about the business and its people
  • Recommend measures that will give you a better view of your ROI of talent investments
  • Coach you on how to prepare a compelling business case for the leadership board on any people initiative.
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What gets measured gets managed.