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Employee Engagement

Emotional commitment = Discretionary effort = Increased performance

Motivation and good people management are at the heart of employee engagement.

Motivated and engaged employees have a huge impact on productivity and performance due to their discretionary effort.

Although discretionary effort can sometimes be hard to measure, in organisations with high engagement positive impacts are seen on:

  • Profitability 
  • Levels of absenteeism
  • Customer satisfaction ratings
  • Ability to attract the best talent
  • Fewer safety incidents
  • Innovation
  • Performance
  • Retention of the best talent

In today’s world where the boundaries between work and life are less clear, it is important to make employees feel valued and supported both at work and in their personal lives.

Taking a ‘holistic’ approach to engagement can help your organisation to realize these positive benefits.

Through tools and techniques that open up and encourage continuous dialogue with employees, it is easy to identify the challenges they face and therefore solutions to enable them to go the extra mile.

It is often a number of small, low cost initiatives that change the culture of the organisation that have the biggest impact on employee engagement.

Dakota Blue Consulting can:

a) Help you understand the key drivers of employee engagement

b) Help you to define a sustainable engagement strategy that works for your business

c) Provide innovative (inexpensive) technologies to measure and improve engagement

d) Provide you with the latest thinking, tools and techniques for creating a business culture that will improve employee engagement

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