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Performance Management

Are your performance management processes effective?

Effective performance management, which includes appraisals and continuous feedback, should be the anchor of any people strategy. It gives employees a clear direction - builds clarity, alignment, engagement and morale.

Organisations who communicate clear expectations of performance and are able to address underperformance in a timely way see greater engagement from employees and better returns to the bottom line.

Managing performance effectively requires managers and leaders to:

  • Set clear, stretching, yet achievable goals
  • Give continuous feedback, not just in performance reviews
  • Align feedback with rewards and consequences
  • Coach employees how to achieve goals and develop their skills
  • Create actionable development plans, with clear on the job learning goals
  • Differentiate performance within the team and communicate this effectively
  • Reward and recognise good performance and address poor performance quickly.

Dakota Blue can help you to:

  • Develop your performance management structure & tools
  • Deliver programmes on how to effectively manage performance
  • Ensure alignment of your performance and reward structures
  • Use tools and techniques to embed a ‘culture of performance’.

1-to-1 Management Development

We also offer 1-to-1 management development in the form of individual coaching/mentoring sessions.

This is best suited to managers who are unable to attend a full workshop due to time constraints, or for those who are struggling with a particular people management issue and need some outside guidance and support.

We all need people who will give us feedback, that’s how we improve

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